Mark-5x DSI is an easy-to-use fishfinder with 5-inch grayscale display and features DownScan Imaging™ technology for picture-like images of underwater structure. Includes 455/800 kHz HDI transducer with water-temperature sensor.

Features :
DownScan Imaging™ reveals easy-to-understand, photo-like underwater detail Lowrance DownScan Imaging™ Lowrance DownScan Imaging™ innovation displays crystal-clear photo-like views of the underwater worlds below the boat. No interpretation needed to see: Thermoclines Exposed – clearly see the boundary layer between the lower cooler water and, upper warmer, oxygen-rich zone where fish congregate Fish Truly Revealed – DSI leaves nothing to the imagination, clearly showing predator fish and baitfish schools Bottoms Uncovered – easily distinguish between hard and soft bottoms, as well as fish and structure on/near the bottom Structure Disclosed – with photo-like views you can recognize all manner of structure at a glance, like bridge pilings, laydowns, ledges, drop-offs, vegetation, wrecks; no interpretation needed Advanced Transducer Slim new low-profile, high-speed, transom-mount, 455/800 kHz Skimmer® DSI imaging transducer with exclusive down-looking crystal and built-in temp sensor, and trolling motor-mount bracket option. Exclusive Lowrance down-looking imaging innovation Detailed, automatic photo-like viewing locates prime fishing spots under the boat Easy-to-use with manual fine-tuning option Dual-coverage imaging; 455/800 kHz fishfinding TrackBack™ feature scrolls-back sonar history Supported by 5-Year Advantage Service

Price: 299.09 AUD
Brand: Lowrance
Model: MARK-5X DSI SONAR W/XDCR 455/800kHz
Length: 0.00 Feet
Year: 2016
Category: Boat Parts and Accessories
Hull Type: Other
Power Type: Other
Condition: New
State: New South Wales
Stock Number: 2-000-10233-001
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