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NAVICO Expands Track Offerings

November 22, 2017
Navico, parent company to leading marine electronics brands Lowrance, Simrad, and B&G, has expanded the range of reporting and connectivity options offered by its Track telemetry system, with the

Mark Crompton’s ABT Tassie Tournament Story

May 26, 2016
Mark gives a detailed account of his fishing experience in St. Helens and Derwent during the 2016 ABT Bream Qualifiers in Tasmania. My wife Danielle and I had Tasmania at the very top of our travel

Paul Malov talks about using StructureScan 3D for the first time

May 22, 2016
First Session with StructureScan 3D Paul Malov talks about the experience of using StructureScan 3D for the first time to locate fish-holding structures. Having used the ‘traditional’ Struct

James Howarth – Keeping it simple, focus on the main factors that count

April 19, 2016
If there was one bit of advice I could give it’d be back to basics! Keeping it simple and to focus on the main factors that count. Things like, keeping a target species, whether that’d be whiting,

Nabeel Issa – Sounder Tips for Pelagics

April 6, 2016
My local waterway of Moreton Bay becomes home to a variety of tuna from the end of summer through till winter. These fish are awesome fun to target as they are big and put up a great battle. They can

Mark Crompton – Top 5 Tips to Master Pre-Fishing for a Tournament

Pre-fishing is an art and needs to be practiced and sharpened. There are many items that we use to attempt to nut things out but I'll try break things down to 5 main points to help you with a successf

How to Use Lowrance Electronics for Pre-Fishing

We all tend to use our sounders in different ways to find fish and save our favourite fishing spots. These are features on my Lowrance that I use to help me prefish for competitions and work out new s

Nick Whyte – How to Fish for Flatheads

March 23, 2016
Flathead are a species that are found all the way around the Eastern Australian coast. They are a great sports fish target and great fun for all the family to catch. Flathead are readily available as

Peter Jenkins – Using Insight Genesis for Bass Fishing

March 20, 2016
For a long time prior to the introduction of the Insight Genesis (IG) mapping system I was in search of topographical information for a number of the inland dams that I regularly fished and competed o

Dean Silvester – Bass Fishing With StructureScan 3D

March 8, 2016
StructureScan has been a pivotal instrument in helping me locate bass since its inception; there are two simple reasons as to why it is so effective for me. Firstly I utilise the left right view to sc