Family all-rounders need  to be able to fulfil a variety of on-water missions on any given day. Fishing, skiing, diving or just getting your daily dose of vitamin D, the R640 is ready, willing and extremely able.


The R640 isn't bothered by a bit of bad weather and isn't afraid of the dark.

The R640's intent is immediately obvious. Its fine entry and flared bow designed to turn down water for a drier ride flows into broad shoulders endowing the R640 with a wide, confident stance. The deep 21 degree deadrise and broad reverse chines ensure a soft comfortable ride and enhanced stability while on the drift or at anchor. Internally, occupants are treated to an inviting cabin that encourages overnighters while the versatile rear cockpit can host a either a marlin safari or a cocktail party depending on the mood of the crew. Available in 4 unique Editions, the series is crowned by the OffShore HardTop which ups the R640's already impressive game. An offshore-ready thoroughbred, the R640 offers an impressive level of standard appointments and sets a new benchmark for affordable big water boating.

  • Comfort and offshore capability in the one package.
  • Soft riding and stable in challenging conditions.
  • Efficient hull design offers respectable performance from lower horsepower outboard options.
  • Unrivalled storage options to hide fishing tackle and family gear.
  • Hard Top variant offers unrivalled value in its class. 
  • Tailor-made for long haul adventures.








No one is ever going to mistake the beamy R640 for anything other than the offshore-ready performer it was born to be. Tough on the outside, but gentle on it's crew, the R640 is built with serious intent.

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REVIVAL BOATS R640 WeekEnder Edition

Enquire Now 6.40 Metres 2022

REVIVAL BOATS R640 Offshore HT Edition

Enquire Now 6.40 Metres 2022

REVIVAL BOATS R640 Offshore Edition

Enquire Now 6.40 Metres 2022

REVIVAL BOATS R640 SportZ Edition

Enquire Now 6.40 Metres 2022