Revival Boats


Revival Boats create value-focused family fishing, lifestyle and off-shore-oriented craft that are meticulously hand-crafted in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Vic. Launched in the wake of the GFC, Revival Boats is the creation of founder, Sam Catanese, former captain of iconic Aussie boat brand, Stejcraft. Rather than merely replicate his previous efforts, Sam started with a clean sheet and crafted a tougher and more versatile family of hulls  that could cater to every environment and boating experience. The 2018 fleet comprises 6 models from 5.25m to 6.5m each with unique editions that span a vast array of boating options and offer unrivalled value in their respective markets.


Many boat manufacturer’s are afraid to use the “F” word because they’re worried about it impacting their “street cred”. We’re not…FAMILY, there, we’ve said it! In fact, we’re all about family. Revival is a family-owned boat company that proudly handcrafts all its hulls in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for the most important family in the world…YOURS! We take your family’s comfort and safety seriously, that’s why we build our hulls extra tough for a soft and comfy ride, even in challenging conditions. Small Revivals employ a wave-slicing 20 degree deadrise and larger hulls feature a scalpel-like 21 degree deadrise . Yes, that’s the same magic number touted by several of the self-proclaimed and pricey “real offshore” locally-built boat brands. Our fleet comprises six versatile models, from 5.25m – 6.5m each available in at least three (3) unique editions that span a vast variety of inshore and offshore boating options and offer unrivalled value in their respective markets.