Mercury Racing Synthetic Blend 4-Stroke 25W-50 Oil 3.78

For use in select 4-cycle engine applications, including Mercury Racing engines and all Verado outboards.


Mercury Racing Synthetic Blend 4-Stroke 25W-50 Oil 3.78

Maximum protection is essential when pushing your engine to the limit.

Racing, tow sports and fishing applications require your engine to operate under extreme conditions.

Operating at high engine output and high temperatures or alternating between periods of high RPMs and throttling down to low RPMs or idle puts serious pressure on engine oil.

Mercury racing for stroke oil will not break down under these conditions.

It maintains its viscosity, protects against varnish build-up and sludge formation and exceeds the rust protection requirements for NMMA certification.

Recommended for use in all Mercury Racing four-stroke engines including: FormulaRace and Verado outboards and 525 EFI through 1650 sterndrives as well as all non-catalysed high horsepower 4-stroke marine engines.


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